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Greetings All !
Well , as many of you are probably already aware of by now ~ Rocks and Runes is now closed for business at the Lima Street location . Unfortunately this is due to the fact that the landlord gave our lease away . This was not done legally , ethically or with any due respect to us and the community which we served .

How this can happen after 8 years of being in business at the Burbank location { which was handled with the utmost of integrity and responsibility } is beyond my scope of comprehension and it took me well over a month to catch my breath and move past the shock , betrayal and pain of our loss .  The store belonged to all of us and we created a thriving small business built on respect for each other and our shared love of gems and minerals .

I feel compelled to warn you of the cowardly antics of the new occupants .

The takeover of Rocks and Runes was not done with my blessings and was acquired through underhanded practices . 

Once again you have the right to know who these people are and whether or not you choose to include them on your spiritual journey . 

Just know that they are NOT associated or connected with Rocks and Runes in any way and I do not support the practitioners who will participate .

 Together we built trusting relationships and provided a safe haven to share our thoughts and spiritual experiences with each other forming a bond between us that was truly sacred over the many years .

How anyone can think that they can just come in and take that away from us without karmic repercussion stretches the parameters of my wildest dreams .

Yet , this is what happened and without notice ~ the store is gone .

The fact that the person who negotiated our space from beneath us was a key holder and trusted friend for the entire duration of our business is painful and inexcusable . I believe you deserve the right to know the truth as to what happened to our little community rock shop . The chances of the new occupants telling you the truth on this is highly unlikely . So now you will hear it straight from the horse’s mouth ! 

This is the truth and a warning to us all as to what we can expect from a world in uncertain times as many fear filled people will resort to unethical practices as an excuse to sustain themselves . Shame on them .

I would like to extend my apologies and acknowledge those of you who will feel the loss . I will always be available for phone readings and should you feel compelled to express your thoughts on this you are welcome to call me on my cell phone  .

At this time I have already received hundreds of emails and phone calls ~ your concern and support is greatly appreciated .   I will be happy to hear from you . 

Love has no boundaries and will not be confined to the perimeters of any physical location .  Please know that what we shared was genuine, sacred and cherished by not only ourselves but also countless participants from the spiritual realm . No one can take our memories and deny the power of our spiritual experiences . I am truly grateful for the honor of serving the community for 14 years and to all of you for the opportunity to do so .

You are missed but not forgotten .

As for myself , I have left the wondrous state of California to pursue my other deep seeded interests . My concerns for our future as dwellers on this beautiful earth have lead me to the outback of New Mexico where I am pleased to announce that I will engage my attention to the art of small farming , food producing and beekeeping .

My awareness in regards to the quality of our food , water and health of our environment is daunting and although it is small scale at this point I feel the need to actively participate in solutions . I open my barn yard doors to those of you who also feel the calling ! Lets garden , rescue animals and tend to the Earth !

Its all about perpetuity and leaving a legacy for those who intend to survive these radical times . Of course we will include gemstones for the purpose of healing as well with the ultimate goal of creating a healing center ! I also plan to have an online store in the near future and look forward to working from home in my pajamas while Sheba and Rocky enjoy their retirement by the fire .

I have spent the last month communing with my chickens , dogs , various pets , and the love of my life ! I marvel at the beauty of the world around us and feel blessed for every moment . To live a life which is void of stress , traffic , and timelines is a gift and I happily return to a more simplistic lifestyle . 

And so , I would like to thank you all for your love and support and extend a hand to any of you who may need me in the future .  As always , I am here to share in the art of living life and to assist in the navigation of this fabulous spiritual journey !

We are in this one together and I look forward to continuing our friendship ~ its been a wild ride and I wouldn't trade it for anything !!

I look forward to seeing you in the future and I wish the very best for all of you .

Much Love,



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