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Best of Burbank 2010 - Best Jewelry Store

Many, many moons ago, when man still traveled by foot and dinosaurs walked the earth, in a place called Massachusetts, Wendy Ansel was born... Well, OK, maybe not that long ago. But sometimes it sure feels that way, she said. Born in Dorchester, Mass., granddaughter of Senator Julius Ansel, ambassador to Israel and best friend of JFK, Ansel was educated in Natick, Mass., before setting sail for a 15-year overseas adventure that would lead to a lifetime of free-spirited travel.

She spent 12 years in the Australian outback, on the Great Barrier Reef, living off the grid in a beautiful tropical wonderland. She became a professional dancer, which led to an opportunity to compete in a Queensland body-building competition. Following a strict diet of boiled potatoes, black coffee and cigarettes, she earned the title of Queensland body-building champion. Ansel then traveled extensively throughout Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Phillippines before returning to Australia. In the early 90's she attempted to re-establish her American roots in San Francisco, where she met up with mentor and boss Jerry Frankle. He generously gave Ansel an opportunity to learn retail and jewelry design in the Australian-owned Opals and Gems of Australia opal shop.

Five and a half years later, she helped establish the first metaphysical healing jewelry store in San Francisco with Laura Kauffman, called Earth-heart Healing Jewelry on Union Street. The store was then sold to a Fortune 500 company, and Ansel ventured off to explore other options. OK, so she got fired again and had no choice but to move to L.A. and open her own business, Rocks and Runes in Burbank. Thank you, Burbank, for being so open-minded, diverse in your thinking and incredibly supportive of our small business. You rock, Southern Cal!

Living in LA - 1st Show - March 9, 2008


LISTEN IN as we chat about a night of free access to the best art in town, a favorite museum of mine with a connection to great actress of the silver screen, and our journey will end on Magnolia Blvd in Burbank where Wendy of “Rocks & Runes” will give us insight and inspiration to world of gemstones & crystals.

Living in LA - 2nd Show - May 31, 2009


LISTEN IN as we revisit and chat with Wendy Ansel of Rocks & Runes. Part of my "Guests as They Progress" series... Continue to discover the world of rocks and gemstones in Burbank!

Let's Talk Paranormal - TV Talk Show with Tracie Austin


Discussing topics from A-Z of the strange but true! That's exactly what this unique TV talk show is all about.  Conversation and exploration of other realities that reside on and off our planet!  Week after week, presenting mind-stretching information and truly unforgettable guests.