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Although the origin of the pendulum dates back to before 6,000 B.C., its history remains relatively vague. Records indicate that the pendulum was first used for the art of dowsing or divining, probably to locate underground water, minerals, or precious metals.

Using a pendulum is a quick and efficient way to communicate with the spiritual realm. Always request that only the highest spiritual beings are invited to participate. You may have several pendulums – different pendulums can be used for different purposes. The subjects in question can be varied and may include topics such as health, relationships, or business decisions. A pendulum can also be used for healing, food choices, finding lost objects, and chakra balancing. A pendulum may not respond to a specific type of question and will opt to select its own specific job.

You can use a pendulum for or regarding any subject matter, or for anyone present or remote. Please note: Divining can be difficult for the self because it is nearly impossible to remain objective. It is not advised!

Your transmission to the light beings is through thought – you phrase the question in your mind. Keep it simple. The responses are transmitted through your pendulum. Remember that the thought process is a delicate tool. It can be misinterpreted. Take a deep breath prior to asking the pendulum a question and in between questions. Emotions will interfere with the results. Practice the art of “thinking nothing” or clearing the mind.

Getting used to a pendulum can be confusing at first. There are four major steps prior to using your pendulum which are helpful in developing a trusting relationship.

Step 1: Dedicate your pendulum. You may dedicate you pendulum to a light being, deity, or your personal spiritual guide. Initiate a relationship with your pendulum by asking it to be still. To do this, take a deep breath, relax the mind, clear your thoughts, and focus on the word “search”. When the pendulum settles (stops), you have accomplished the first step. Use this method before each question asked in order to get a clear response. Take a moment to practice removing your intention and allow spirit to guide.

Step 2: Be sure your pendulum has been cleared of all negative energies. You may clear it with sage, by laying it on a selenite slab, or salt pillow, or by exposing it, for a brief period of time, under the sun. You may also want to recharge it by leaving it outside to absorb the energy of the full moon. You may also run the point under cold water or place beneath a pyramid for cleansing. It should always be protected by storing it in a pouch. If your pendulum does not swing at all or takes on an awkward shaking motion you may need to clear the pendulum or rephrase the question. Often when you buy a new pendulum it may require cleansing from energy absorbed from others handling it.

Step 3: Follow these simple instructions: you must establish definite directions (pendulum movements) for yes and no answers. These directions are unique to each user. Hold your pendulum in one hand and say, “Give me a definite direction for the answer ‘yes’”. Once that direction is established, ask your pendulum to give you a definite direction for the answer “no”. It is important to remain focused on the question and be specific about what you are asking your pendulum. Be patient and persistent and your directions will come.
For each answer, the pendulum will either move in a circle (clockwise or counterclockwise) or a straight line (vertical or horizontal). Each person will establish his or her own unique directions which will be consistent from that point on regardless of which pendulum you use. (TIP: If your pendulum is moving in an erratic or indefinite pattern, reword your question to make it more specific.)

Step 4: Learn to ask the right questions! All questions should be worded in a concise manner, taking care to only ask one question at a time. Be specific, clear, and allow the answer to come before moving on to another question. Make sure it can be either answered by a yes or no, or you can create a multiple choice. For multiple choice questions ask what the most appropriate choice would be for the querent and proceed down the list one by one.

When using your pendulum, learn to say “please” and “thank you” to honor and respect the assistance available to you. You are receiving guidance from the highest of beings. Remember that there is always free will! Our future is as we create it. One should not attempt to divine the future or interfere with another person’s will. The pendulum must be used with no emotional attachment to the outcome – that is the key to healthy divination.

Explore the infinite possibilities and enjoy!