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Gemstone Properties

Abalone Agate Amazonite Amber Amethyst Ammolite Ammonite Angelite Aquamarine Aragonite Aventurine Azurite Bloodstone Blue Chalcedony Calcite Carnelian Celestite Charoite Chrysocolla Chrysoprase Citrine Copper Coral Diamond Emerald Fluorite Fossils Fuchsite Garnet Gold Gold Lemurian Hematite Iolite Jade Jasper Kunzite Labradorite Lapis Lazuli Larimar Malachite Meteorite Moldavite Moonstone Moukaite Obsidian Onyx Opal Peridot Petrified Wood Quartz Rainbow Obsidian Rhodochrosite Rhodonite Rose Quartz Ruby Sapphire Selenite Silver Smithsonite Smokey Quartz Sodalite Staurolite Sugilite Sunstone Tektite Tiger's Eye Tourmaline Turquoise Variscite Volcanic Glass


The underlining of an Abalone shell that has become pearlized silver, blue, pink, green, and violet. This shell cools, soothes, and calms the nervous system. Also known as Sea Opal, which is the perfect alternative for children born in October. Does not withhold negative energy. | Back To Top


Agate is a silicon dioxide. It is often banded and can contain opal. It varies in color, though much of the commercial market agate has been dyed. Agate includes moss agates, dendritic agates, fire agates, and many others. Deposits are found in Brazil, USA, India, China, and Russia. Agate is an overall healer for the physical body and is easily obtained. | Back To Top


(Blue/Green) Attracts prosperity and the willingness to receive. It is also credited for being a love stone and enables one to be unconditionally accepting. | Back To Top


Fossilized pine resin, better known as amber is the ideal choice for mental clarity and boosting one's memory. As yellow also represents the Solar Plexus Chakra, it is also used for experiencing joy, happiness, and life in general. | Back To Top


(Purple/Violet) Represents the Crown Chakra and the need to open one's mind to the spiritual world. Best specimens come from Uruguay, though there are also deposits in Brazil, Canada, Siberia, Mexico, and Colorado. A perfect stone to place in the bedroom, Amethyst assists in meditation and astral travel. A favorite of many and the traditional birthstone of February. | Back To Top


An opalized ammonite fossil fragment from B.C. Canada, it prepares one for radical transformation. Available in a complete color spectrum, including red, orange, and yellow, this stone appears to be on fire. | Back To Top


These are fossils of the distant ancestors of the chambered nautilus. They can be as small as a nickel and as large as six feet across. Ammonites inhabited the Earth approximately 350 million years ago. They are mostly found in Morocco, but some can be found in present-day Germany. They enable one to have a "whole picture view". They also provide stimulus to architects and those in the construction industry. Corresponds to the Root Chakra. | Back To Top


A light grayish-blue stone from Peru, connects one to the angelic realm. Soothing and gentle. | Back To Top


This beautiful greenish-blue gem speaks of courage and leadership. A protection stone for sailors, it combines the gentle soothing essence of the sea with the strength of nature herself. This stone enhances the communication process. It is the traditional birthstone for March. | Back To Top


Has the same chemical composition as calcite and is the major constituent of pearls and other shell and skeletal structures of marine creatures. It is used for meditation and also aids in the healing of the skin. It originates in Morocco, Mexico, Namibia, and Peru. Corresponds to the Root Chakra. | Back To Top


This green quartz contains the sparkling mineral fuchsite and has the ability to eliminate the fear vibration, for fear attracts disaster. (i.e.: When one goes fishing and attaches the worm to the hook, the worm sends out a fear vibration that attracts the fish. Hence, disaster, if you're the worm, happens.) | Back To Top


(Blue) Comes from a copper mine and is often formed with Malachite. It is found in Namibia and the United States. Azurite is the best stone for the communication process. It connects the Throat Chakra to the Third Eye Chakra and enhances truthful communication, assisting one's ability to express oneself confidently. | Back To Top


According to Christian legend, the red spots in the bloodstone upon the dark green jasper represent the blood of Christ. When those red spots are analyzed, they contain the mineral hematite, similar to our own blood composition, otherwise known as hemoglobin. This stone creates a direct connection to the Christ consciousness and offers comfort to the wearer (knowing that we never walk alone.) An alternative birthstone for those born under the sign of Aries, as Mars also rules the bloodstone. Used for all blood conditions, it is a stone, which enhances physical strength, courage, and protection. Bloodstone is also known as Heliotrope and is considered the most valuable of the jasper family and a great internal stress reliever. | Back To Top

Blue Chalcedony

Perfect stone for opening the Throat Chakra. Enables one to gently communicate difficult issues. An ideal companion stone for those who seek truth, compassion, kindness, and understanding through the spoken word. Assists the shy. | Back To Top


Yellow, orange, or honeycomb calcite emits warm sun-like joyous energy. Its presence stimulates a bright and friendly environment. As yellow is also the color of the mental plane, it can help one be playfully imaginative in the creative realms.

Green calcite stimulates healing and soothes the heart. It also encourages growth and new beginnings in love relationships.

Blue calcite gently encourages one to partake in the letting go process. Blue calcite calms the nerves, soothes the soul, and promises peace from releasing that, which no longer suits. | Back To Top


The most popular of the agates with its reddish-brown-orange translucent hues. Famed for its ability to energize, stimulate, and motivate. Carnelian, the stone of the warrior, was carved before being worn into battle for good luck. It is used to enhance physical strength and endurance. A great stone for grounding and getting the job done. | Back To Top


Blueish-white to colorless, 3 to 3.5 on the Mohl scale of hardness. Assists one on a celestial journey to outer dimensions. | Back To Top


Connects the heart to the spirit to enable one to see the beauty in all that is. This beautiful Russian stone feeds the spirit with its extensive range of violet hues and opens the heart to be loving and accepting. It reminds us that when one opportunity passes, another awaits its place. Charoite tantalizes the creative imaginative to explore other dimensions. | Back To Top


A gorgeous blue-green copper mineral from Arizona, Mexico, and South America. It purifies the home and environment from negative energies. Allows one to experience unconditional love and acceptance of our very own unique being. Chrysocolla also gives travelers or those who live to wonder the world a sense of peaceful belonging to the earth. This includes our musicians, artists, free thinkers, and odd balls. Chrysocolla's presence encourages thoughts "outside the box", which can stimulate creative vision through the Third Eye, when used for channeling. Sometimes it lives with Malachite and Turquoise, creating Eliat stone, one of the most magical natural combinations of them all. | Back To Top


Beautiful translucent bottle-green gem from Australia. It is the most valuable stone in the chalcedony group. Eases depression and soothes the heart. Also was used to rest the jewelers' strained eyes, as its color brings rest to the weary. | Back To Top


The merchant stone; enables one to attract and hold on to income. Aligns to the Solar Plexus Chakra with the intellectual plane, creating situations that improve upon one's relationship with survival. Enables relaxed, easy breathing, creating a peaceful, calm sensation. Combined with hematite, makes an excellent protection charm. | Back To Top


From the Kewenaw Peninsula, Michigan. The astrological symbol for the planet Venus, ruler of feminine beauty. Copper is a major ingredient of bronze and brass and is the 3rd best conductor of energy. Its vibrational frequency stimulates healing in the physical body and is commonly used for relieving arthritis pain. | Back To Top


Has a mineral composition of mostly calcium carbonate. The calcified skeletons of tiny coral creatures can create complete islands and can occur in both fresh and salt water. Red Coral, combined with Turquoise, can increase one's sexual energy, according to American Indian lore. Black coral acts as protection against potential harm. Pink coral stimulates the heart and softens old love wounds as it soothes away the sadness. Coral was the oceanic tree of life. | Back To Top


The hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth. It is 1000 times harder than quartz. Diamond crystallizes as deep as one hundred miles into the Earth's surface and endures a lifetime of inconceivable pressure and heat. The diamond is considered the "king of the crystals" and is symbolic of our sun, the source of all energy. The traditional birthstone for April. Diamond promotes excellence. | Back To Top


A beautiful green member of the beryl family. It represents justice, right action, and intelligence. Considered to be the stone of successful love, it instills love and integrity, creating harmonious union. It is said that the "Words of Creation" were inscribed upon Emerald Matrix, giving credence to the sacredness of the rare stone. The traditional birthstone for May. | Back To Top


One of the most important gemstones available. A must for all who offer healing services, as it acts as a protector against negative energy in all situations. As fluoride was designed to protect the teeth, Fluorite works to protect its wearer. It "grows" in cubes and octahedrons and occasionally contains dendrites, a bonus for natural healers. The color range includes: purple, blue, green, yellow, and occasionally pink, from Mexico. Relatively inexpensive, but very attractive, Fluorite is beautiful in jewelry, though best worn as a pendant, due to its delicate structure. Significant deposits are found in China and Mexico. | Back To Top


Most fossils are organic matter that has transformed into stone. They are preserved remains of the past. Fossils can be found anywhere in the world. Metaphysically, they represent the union between old worlds and new worlds. | Back To Top


Green mica that forms in layers. The green color is due to the presence of Chromium. Fuchsite enhances one's ability to let go and allow the creative juices to flow freely. A perfect companion stone for making any creative endeavor even more pleasurable. Small traces of fuchsite are found in green Aventurine and some Sunstone/Moonstone specimens from Russia. | Back To Top


Stimulator, energizer, keeper of internal fire, due to its red flashes. Red Garnet activates the Root Chakra, the place of grounding where creativity manifests in physical form. It is an ideal stone to carry for motivation, when dealing with health issues including diet choices and exercise. Inevitably, Garnets is associated with blood and is said to improve heart circulation. Garnet is the birthstone of those born in January. | Back To Top


Best conductor of energy. Its color is yellow and is akin to the sun, the source of all energy for life itself. It opens the Crown Chakra and is said to attract wealth. Gold has yang-like (masculine) qualities where as silver has yin-like (feminine) qualities. | Back To Top

Golden Lemurian

A rare but important member of the yellow chakra family is the Golden Lemurian, attributed for its healing properties. It has the ability to release trauma and anxiety and to replace it with knowledge and faith. Golden Lemurian is the most healing variety of the Lemurian family. Best physical healer, also from the lemurian mines in Brazil. Some Golden Lemurians also contain a key, which when properly accessed enable access to the Akashic Records and the healing properties of all that exists. | Back To Top


An iron oxide, which literally means "bloodstone". Hemitite originates from the USA, Brazil, China, and New Zealand. When ground up and mixed with water, it turns red like blood or hemoglobin. During the early Iron Age, it was valued almost as much as gold. Ruled by the Roman God Mars, it is the stone that protects the warriors. Imitation hematite is called Hematine and is magnetic. Natural hematite is not magnetic. When cut as a gem, it is called black diamond. Hematite has grounding properties and enables those who tend to mentally "wander off" to come back to earth. Use this stone to gather the body, mind, and spirit to experience a true present. | Back To Top


(Blue/Purple) Is also referred to as water sapphire. Iolite deposits are in Burma, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and the USA. It enhances one's ability to take a position of authority, utilizing charm, grace, and diplomacy. | Back To Top


Long considered the grandfather of healing stones. According to ancient Chinese tradition, jade is worn for health, wealth, and protection. Jade comes from China, Burma, and California. Originally it was called "kidney stone". Jade is said to have the ability to cleanse the kidneys, as cleansing the body is the key to good health. Jade's color can vary from whitish-green to deep green, and (very rarely) can occur in purple. | Back To Top


Otherwise known as the "Rain Bringer" according to ancient American Indian tribes. They divined the Earth's energy in search of water with jasper. The jasper family is extensive and includes among others, picture jasper and bloodstone. Picture Jasper promotes creativity and allows the imagination to expand its limitations. It is also used to enhance physical strength and stamina. This mineral is called the "Supreme Nurturer". Corresponds to the Root Chakra. | Back To Top


A beautiful pale pink gemstone that contains Lithium and Manganese, which give Kunzite its color. It is found in Brazil, Burma, and Madagascar. Kunzite opens the heart and assists in love relationships. | Back To Top


A feldspar containing copper; originally discovered in Labrador, Canada, in the 1770's. Its colors range from gold to green and can contain electric blue hues. It has its own unique color play, which is called labradorescence. The best Labradorite is from Madagascar and is surprisingly affordable and plentiful. Labradorite's metaphysical properties correspond to the Throat and the Third Eye Chakras and enable shy people to express themselves with more confidence. Labradorite and Moonstone combined create the perfect yin-yang balance; where Moonstone is feminine and intuitive, Labradorite is masculine and assertive. Spectrolite, the highest quality Labradorite which shows an impressive play of color, originates from Finland. | Back To Top

Lapis Lazuli

A combination of Lazurite (blue), Sodalite (blue), Diopside (black), White Calcite, and Metallic Pyrite. Considered to be very valuable to old Egyptian civilizations, it earned its name "Sapphire of the Ancients". The Bible states that God's throne was made of Lapis. Long before that, Lapis was sacred to Isis, symbolizing truth and her "All seeing Eye". As the years have passed, Lapis has maintained its magic and beauty. Its properties correspond to the Third Eye Chakra or psychic center. This allows one to experience the art of seeing the unseen and hearing the unspoken. Lapis opens one to the magical world of psychic phenomenon. Corresponds to the Third Eye Chakra. | Back To Top


A beautiful sea blue gem from the Dominican Republic. It's a form of Pectrolite and is relatively new to the marketplace. Its rarity keeps its prices high, though its beauty accounts for its popularity. Dolphin Stone, as it is often referred to, is a gem for true love. Its gentle blue color soothes and calms and reminds us that everything is going to be all right. | Back To Top


A banded green stone found near copper deposits in Zaire, Australia, Chile, and the USA (Arizona). Used for decorations in Russian palaces, pigments for eye shadow, and mixed with oil to obtain paint. This stone is for tissue regeneration and enables the body, on a cellular level, to repair damaged tissue. An excellent stone for children who experience nightmares. Also brings joy to the heart. | Back To Top


Originates from unearthly sources. Basically, there are two types: metallic and stony. The metallic type consists of a nickel-iron combination and both (in their pure form) are virtually unknown on earth. They naturally only occur in their ores and are mixed with oxygen, sulphur, or carbon. A metallic meteor may travel in outer space for millions of years without encountering oxygen. Pieces of meteorites are the only commonly available objects that are unquestionable extraterrestrial. Meditating with meteorite can enable us to gather data from other worlds. | Back To Top


A dark green form of tektite, which was initially discovered along the Moldan River, in Czechoslovakia. Moldavite is hardened drops of meteorites that have been melted during their passage through the atmosphere and splashed about on impact with the surface of the earth. Its purpose is to stimulate communication between extraterrestrial beings and earth folk. Moldavite also has the ability to take one out of the body and should be worn with discretion. | Back To Top


Large deposits of Moonstone are found in India. A gem which relates to the cycles of the moon. We are aware that the moon has the magnetic force to regulate the ocean's tides. That same force regulates the human tides due to the body's high water content (70 - 99.9%). Women's bodies are designed on a 28-day cycle, though not as obvious, men are affected as well. To honor the natural design and "allow what is to be" is the wisdom which dwells in the moonstone. Relax and go with the flow, choose the path of less resistance and recognize the wisdom in surrender. Allow nature to do her thing; let it have you. Can be rainbow (blue/violet), peach, traditional white, and occasionally black. | Back To Top


A form of Jasper, found in Western Australia. Can be yellow, red, and a variety of earth tones. It is a "soul food" for the spirit. A nurturer and assists one in the care of others. Also referred to as Radiolarite. | Back To Top


Variations: Snowflake Obsidian, Golden Sheen Obsidian, Silver Sheen Obsidian, Green Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian, Tektite, Apache Tears. A protective stone enabling one to honor the light in the darkest situations. Many Obsidians come from Mexico. | Back To Top


It is found in Pakistan, Mexico, and Peru. Although black onyx is a popular stone, and often formed into pendants, it should not be worn over the heart, for it blocks the energy emanating from the heart chakra and keeps one isolated. Onyx is found in earth-tone shades of green, brown, orange, and can also be black. It can also be banded, like agates or solid in color. Onyx is used to remove taught limitations from our consciousness. | Back To Top


This stone is the blood of the earth. Despite the many popular myths, it is actually a stone of honor. It presents itself to those who have truly experienced sacrifice and promises light at the end of the tunnel. The most stable opals are mined in Australia. The best quality opals contain red fire, though opal comes in a vast color range. Queensland Boulder Opal with its beautiful brown matrix of ironstone offers one a sense of grounding strength and a sense of belonging to the earth. Because the color range is extensive and all stones are unique, opal should be selected by the wearer in order to create a harmonious union. Black opal is the most intense of all in the mineral kingdom. Its rarity is no mistake and should not be worn without full awareness of its energy. It honors the rewards of wisdom acquired from surviving hardship, loss, and often a close encounter with the dark side, for light cannot be truly appreciated without intimately knowing the dark. Opal can also be found in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, and British Honduras. | Back To Top


Is the gem quality of the mineral olivine. It originally came from the Red Sea. Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August and its metaphysical properties are said to put one in "vacation mode". It enables one to enjoy the moment. Peridot is of a lime green color and is usually faceted. | Back To Top

Petrified Wood

Contrary to common belief, petrified wood is actually a stone. The original structure is retained, but the wood itself has been replaced by silica. Petrified Wood can be found in various places throughout the world. It is used for meditation to soothe childhood woes. It enhances one's connection to the earth. | Back To Top


A silicate dioxide found in many places on Earth. Its main property is to augment clarity of thought. It also amplifies one's intellectual abilities. Clear Quartz crystal can also be channeled (programmed) to take on the properties of any stone. In its natural state, it corresponds to the Crown Chakra. | Back To Top

Rainbow Obsidian

A volcanic siliceous glassy rock. It is found predominantly in Mexico. Rainbow Obsidian is a stone for union and honors the heart. | Back To Top


A manganese carbonate. Its main deposits lie in Argentina, but can also come from Chile, Peru, and South Africa. It has various layers of lace-like pink and white color patterns. Rhodochrosite corresponds to the heart chakra and stimulates healing of love wounds. | Back To Top


A manganese silicate that originates in the USA, Russia, Japan, Mexico, and Madagascar. This stone enables women to feel comfortable in their feminine bodies. It promotes elegance and composure. | Back To Top

Rose Quartz

This common pink quartz, originates from the USA, Brazil, and Madagascar. Indisputably, this stone soothes the heart through self-forgiveness, acceptance, and surrender. Rose Quartz is the love stone of the ages. | Back To Top


A form of corundum combined with chrome and iron, give the ruby its red color. It is found in Thailand, Burma, India, and Indonesia. Ruby honors those who serve others, for those who nurture others, are executing the will of God. Ruby is a traditional birthstone for July. | Back To Top


A form of corundum combined with titanium and iron, give the sapphire its color. It is found in Thailand, Burma, and Australia. It is a stone for bonding and strong connectedness through trust and communication. It is the traditional birthstone for the month of September. | Back To Top


Also called gypsum, this stone originates from Morocco and is excellent for use in the cleansing and purification of other stones. Its color can range from white to peach and to a very pale yellow. It is also used to create a peaceful and calm environment. | Back To Top


The second-best conductor of energy, second only to gold. It has very feminine, moon-like qualities and is a perfect accompaniment to most stones. | Back To Top


Named after the mineralogist of the Smithsonian Institute. Deposits are found in Mexico, Australia, and New Mexico. It is a stone that stimulates compassion, kindness, patience, and empathy. It can be blue, green, pink, and purple, and on rare occasion shows iridescence. | Back To Top

Smokey Quartz

Is often referred to as Smokey Topaz, but that name is improper and no longer acceptable in the trade. It ranges in color from brown to smoky gray. Smokey Quartz can be found in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Switzerland, and the Ukraine. It is used for decision-making and is also said to protect against radiation. It helps one to break bad habits. | Back To Top


A beautiful dark blue mineral, one of the components of lapis. It can be found in Australia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, and United States. It assists one to freely communicate in a social environment. Sodalite can also be used to enhance one's sexual attractiveness. | Back To Top


It is a silicate that is occasionally found in the shape of a cross. Also known as Fairy Stone for its unusual formation, it has been used a talisman and a good luck charm for many centuries. It is said that when Christ was crucified, the fairies cried and Staurolites were formed. It can be found in Zambia and Russia. | Back To Top


A deep purple stone found in South Africa, often containing manganese. It is said that the holy grail is made of Sugilite. Sugilite connects the well-being of the mind to the greater purpose of the spirit. It aligns all chakras and corresponds to the Crown. It assists communication with the spiritual realm. It can also be called Royal Lavulite and Royal Azel. | Back To Top


An aventurine-feldspar that contains hematite. It is a stone that projects sun-like qualities of warmth, comfort, and joy. It can be found in USA (Oregon) and India. It is orange-gold and has beautiful color play. It is a stone of joy and fun (makes people happy!). | Back To Top


Inner galactic matter charred by atmospheric entry. (A form of Moldavite). | Back To Top

Tiger's Eye

A combination of quartz and asbestos. A stone for transformation. Enables one to be flexible yet determined, but not abrasive. Tiger's Eye is found in Australia, Africa, Brazil, and India and is traditionally yellow-brown. It is also called Cat's Eye. Blue Tiger's Eye is called Hawk's Eye. Both can be used for animal communications. | Back To Top


A silicate fused with Boron and containing Lithium. It is used for balancing one's mind and emotions. Tourmaline can be blue, green, pink, and yellow. It is found in the Himalayan mines in San Diego, CA and also on the East coast of the United States. Tourmaline can also be used as an alternate birthstone for the month of October. | Back To Top


Is a fusion of Copper and Aluminum and is usually found near copper mines. It is considered the "Lucky Stone". Found in the USA, Persia, Egypt, Tibet, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Mexico. It is used for protection and travel, according to American Indian lore. Turquoise can also be used for protection against negative energy and was once exchanged as a form of currency. Turquoise is the birthstone for December. | Back To Top


Has a very similar chemical composition to Turquoise. Originally discovered in Germany and now found in Utah, often mistaken for Turquoise. It is of a light-green color and is used for the lungs and respiratory system (helps heal and/or prevent allergies). Good pieces showing a variety of color and pattern are becoming rare and so are more prized by their fortunate owners. | Back To Top

Volcanic Glass

A natural light blue-green silica produced by volcanoes. It enables one to view situations from various perspectives. Volcanic Glass is found in Mexico. It is normally sold in spheres and is used for scrying (aligning one's consciousness with the essence of the stone). Scrying is achieved through meditation. | Back To Top