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A Guide to the Runes

The Viking Runes are an ancient Nordic alphabet script. They are older than the New Testament and were last used in Iceland during the late Middle Ages. Though much of their history has been lost throughout time, this unspoken language can still be accessed today. Used as a medium to directly consult the Gods, the runes are similar in function to the I Ching or tarot. Though not a form of fortune telling, properly used, the runes are designed to connect us to our highest spiritual selves.

Runes are healing, helpful, and compassionate; shining light on that which may not be detected by our ordinary senses. This oracle does not predict future events, but points our attention towards hidden forces, which may be responsible for creating hardship, misfortune, or simply poorly made choices. Their purpose is to assist us on our journey of spiritual evolution. They do not harm or interfere with our free will, but serve as a guide to obtain optimal health, wealth, and happiness.

The Viking Runes are suitable for use by anyone seeking spiritual guidance. Without consulting traditional methods, knowledge can be acquired by building a direct relationship between the self and the Gods. At last – no more “middlemen”!

Wendy Ansel, creator of Rocks and Runes, has over twenty years’ experience reading runes. After experimenting on countless samples of various mediums, she has found that the ultimate material for communicating the runic message is Abalone Shell. This material is perfect because it does not withhold energy and does not require cleansing. Also, because it is a shell and not a rock, the messages portrayed by the runes do not conflict with the medium that they are carved upon. Each set includes twenty-five handcrafted runes, a eurosuede pouch, and a legend for deciphering the glyphs. For a more descriptive explanation, you may wish to consult The Book of Runes, by Ralf Blum. I hope that your set of runes will bring you comfort and will guide you along your spiritual journey. Enjoy!
Completion of a situation, defense, death
Prosperity through separation, inheritance
The self, Karma
Initiation, hidden secrets, can represent women
Growth, new beginnings
The gift of partnership, heathful relationships
Communication, signals from the universe
Disruption, chaos, hailstorm
Fire, torch, opportunities
Journey of life, travel the wheel
Gateway, opportunities
Breakthrough, enlightenment, coming out of the dark and into the light
Sun energy, wholeness, victory
Water, flow of energy, right action
Standstill, a freeze (place of non-action), thought process
Protection, connection between the heavens and the Earth
Movement, the horse, sudden change
The warrior, victory, success
Joy, comfort in the body, the self
Harvest through hard work and patience, prosperity
Constraints, restrictions, obstacles
Fertility, children, new ideas
Wealth, material gain
Strength, the ox, employment
Blank rune, the unknowable, that which has not been created yet, infinity